Wednesday, June 4, 2014

War Is Not a Hollywood Popcorn Thriller

The president’s decision to exchange five Taliban terrorists held in Guantanamo for Army POW Bowe Burgdahl held in an Afghan prison camp is complicated.
We’re hearing of course the rancor of those who thrive on condemning anything the president does. These are political opportunists, haters, fake patriots, people who have no interest in thinking through difficult situations and just react from a partisan instinct.
There are those who may or may not support the president but are cautiously waiting for more details of this decision and who struggle with the implications and the possible consequences.
And there are those who have no doubts the president did the right thing.
We do not at this point know whether Burgdahl was a deserter, was psychologically impaired, or what. He apparently walked away from his post. But why? He is being questioned about that.
What we do know is that war is not a Hollywood popcorn thriller. War is an ugly, terrifying, brutal business. Some soldiers become celebrated heroes in it. Most deserve far more recognition and honor than they ever receive. Some come out of it with damaged bodies or broken minds. And some, always too many, die in battle.
Vilifying Bowe Burgdahl, calling for the impeachment of president Obama, turning a knotty situation into some easy cause for retribution, is foolish and irresponsible. Let the facts be determined. We used to be a country that reasoned through these things. It’s time to do it again. 

(c) 2014 Timothy Moody

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