Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Hard Fought Truce Within

There are secrets that are frozen
In the deepest places of our soul.
They cannot be unearthed,
Yet they cannot be unknown.
We have dreams that are lost
In the recesses of our sleep.
We have longings too deep to reach
Across anxieties we cannot breach.
There are spaces for love
We hold for future opportunities.
They are kept in the privacy
Of our simple soulful duties.
We have a heavy broken burden
That we carry through the years.
It’s a wistful painful memory
Of our losses soaked in tears.
There are questions we still can’t answer,
Things we wearily want to know.
But life is not an easy equation
One can quickly solve and own.
There are journeys alone to take
And experiences with others to share.
There are changes we have to make
And realities we have to bear.
And finally accept the mystery of things
We cannot ever know.
And find the hard fought truce within
That if we honor lets us grow.

© 2017 Timothy Moody

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