Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Vision of Horror Coming True

I have written about this before but it has to be said again. The murderous brutality showered upon the Palestinians by the Israeli military and Israel’s political leaders is a travesty beyond, in my opinion, any justification.

Where are the voices for peace between Arabs and Jews? Where are world leaders saying enough of this bloodbath between Israel and Palestine? Where is there even a single recognizable person of influence willing to ask why Israel continues to destroy Gaza, building by building taking with them the lives of children and people simply wanting to have a normal life? Where are those voices? There are none.

I understand all of the arguments against Hamas and its group of violent extremists. But there is nothing fair about the imbalance of power between Israel and Palestine. And why the world is not opposing this I cannot understand.

Journalist and author Joshua Frank has made the obvious point that the continuous push of Israel to ultimately remove Palestinians from the Gaza Strip by building more settlements and by military threats only serve to incite more violence and mayhem. He writes of the Palestinians, “Living under brutal occupation, decade after decade, has produced elements of extremism, as was the case of the kidnapped and murdered Israeli teens. But what of Israel, a so-called beacon of democracy (even as Israel kills and forces Palestinians off their ancestral homeland), where a Palestinian boy was burned alive in spiteful revenge? Such acts only empower and serve as recruitment tools for Hamas.”

Hamas lobs flimsy missiles into Israel most of them shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome, a sophisticated air defense system, while Israel deploys ferocious laser beamed high pay load missiles into Gaza killing everyone and everything in sight. Although they claim they are giving people warnings ahead of time the death toll continues to climb. A few minutes warning hardly prepares families to escape before a vastly superior bomb savagely penetrates the tiny crowded buildings and narrow streets in Gaza.

The US continues to support this insanity and President Obama recently said in an op-ed piece he wrote for one of Israel’s oldest newspapers that America would continue to unconditionally assist Israel’s defense. Nothing was said about the Palestinians.

The Arabs and Jews have been at each other’s throats for centuries. Their fight is over religious beliefs, land disputes, cultural differences, and just plain pride.

Across the world the most vulnerable people are being bullied, threatened, and mercilessly forced into submission by the great powers that once stood for peace, justice, and world-wide cooperation. The US is one of those powers. As is Israel.

When I look at our crippled world and the staggering hordes of oppressed people in it and the arrogant, domineering powers viciously against them, I cannot help but think of George Orwell’s frightening doomful prediction, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

Only great courage and heart from the oppressed--and determined, compassionate and intelligent change from the oppressors--will ever make such a portentous vision invalid.

© 2014 Timothy Moody

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