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The Overturned Order of Our Souls

“The blizzard of the world Has crossed the threshold And it has overturned The order of the soul.”
~ Leonard Cohen, Canadian Poet/Novelist
I am bewildered by the discord in our world but mostly the kind that exists in our own country.
There is a whirling raging sickness within us, a deep and troubling emotional and spiritual dysfunction that separates us from any real unity as a nation. 
It is a blizzard of some kind, some terrible inner storm within so many of us, that, as Cohen so aptly puts it, has overturned the order  of the soul.  The soul of America.  And the souls of many of us who say we love our country but never seem to show it.
I have trouble understanding all of the hate and just viciousness towards President Obama.  It’s not just political differences.  It’s not mostly about his policies.  It’s much deeper than that.  People keep saying it’s not about race; but that is a huge component of it.  It really is.  And it’s dishonest when so many of his critics and haters say it isn’t…