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For My Grandson Austin: Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Can you be 3?
What space ship did time travel in to speed you to this age?
How quickly you have grown with your red hair no longer wild in its babyish play but now sitting so poised on your beautiful boy head
I remember seeing you crawl in your other house as you made your way to the toy chest where you seemed so small
But now you run tall with the wind and whiz past me trailing giggles and joy and leaving a presence that fills the room and my heart
It is clear that at age 3 you are comfortable in your big boyishness with a smile that radiates a love of yourself and others and says, Hey, life is sweet!
My space ship is going fast too and I want it to slow down a little so I can catch up with all those years coming when you and I can swim in the ocean together and walk the beach and laugh and talk just you and me

© 2014 Timothy Moody