Friday, November 21, 2014

Bravo, President Obama!

President Obama’s speech last night on temporary immigration reform was excellent. He was poised, determined and intelligent. He was our nation’s leader; the one many of us have been waiting for these last few years to show real courage. The executive action he will enact is compassionate, sensible, and humane. It does not go far enough for me, but at least, finally, something tangible is being done to address the millions of undocumented living and working in our country, many of them for years.  The Republican’s freak out over this is silly and so over the top it borders on cartoonish. They know they have royally messed up. In spite of their recent election victories they have failed and lost. For now and forevermore the Latino community in this country will be grateful to President Obama, and those Democrats who have supported him in this, for actually doing something to legitimately include them in our society. This nonsense from Republicans that the president’s action has “poisoned the well” is laughable. Anyone paying attention knows the Republicans in Congress and many of them in elected offices across the country have never recognized President Obama’s presidency and have done everything in their power to discredit, vilify, and ruin him. Those attempts will, sadly, continue. They are the actions of a political party completely out of working ideas for America. And they will eventually pay for having nothing substantial to offer us but rancor and obstruction. But for millions of Latinos and other undocumented immigrants here, they will soon have a chance to know the freedom to legally work and belong that they have so long hoped for. I rejoice with all of them. And thank you President Obama for taking a stand on something so important. Your legacy has been significantly enhanced.  

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