Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Cannot Celebrate Hillary

There is a large element of Democratic and Republican voters in this country who feel betrayed by their parties. Trump and Hillary and their handlers and the establishment big shots in both parties seem oblivious to this fact. 

Yes, this is a great country and all of that. But folks, our political system is tragically, disastrously broken. It does not represent the majority of our citizens. Anyone who cannot see that is simply living in some kind of unyielding denial.

I don’t know what will happen in the Republican Party. Their convention this summer will likely be a hot mess. But I can assure you, with all of the condescending calls from Hillary’s cheerleaders to dismiss Bernie supporters, the Democratic convention will be no less chaotic. All the pundits have declared her the nominee and many even the president. To discount so many with that kind of disdainfulness may very well create shocking consequences at the convention.

There are groups of people in America who have known and still know something about oppression: the Black community; Latinos; Gays; Women; the poor; War Veterans; the disabled. Oppression of any measure humiliates and stifles a person’s sense of self. It shuts people out. It ignores their most pressing needs. It mocks their calls for help. It fosters unrest and violence.

Our current political system is an oppressive system for millions of Americans. It is run by men and women who have sold any amount of integrity they may have possessed to a system of bribery and utter corruption. Their dereliction of duty is not condemned it is instead purchased and rewarded as payment for doing the bidding of venal, abusive, amoral villains dressed in expensive suits and sitting in the highest places of finance, military defense, and corporate America. These people run the nation and have no interest in the millions of citizens they intentionally keep beneath them.

Because we have this obsession with being superior, with having it all; because we want what celebrities have; because we hate change; because we are afraid; we have then forsaken the values that made us pioneers, explorers, inventors, poets and dreamers, and we have grown shallow, lazy, small-minded, crude, stingy and vulgar.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exemplify our moral shame which many of us have yet to even sense much less own. We as a nation are so consumed with the superficial and the platitudinous, with toys and trinkets, with gold and silver, with instant pleasure and ethical disregard, that we have become unrecognizable as a people of virtue, courage, dignity and intelligence.

The idea that Hillary Clinton is far superior to Donald Trump is a deceit concocted by corrupt plutocrats who call themselves Democrats and by a media that is so miserably unprofessional and mercenary they are an embarrassment and a pathetic insult to thinking people. There is then little light between Clinton and Trump. They both put their own interests above the needs of the American people. It’s not about politics for either of them. It’s about personal wealth and power.

Hillary and Trump supporters can celebrate all they want. The truth is, we are not the country we say we are. And neither of them will change that.

© 2016 Timothy Moody

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