Monday, August 22, 2016

A Poem of Anguish

I Took My Daughter to the End of the World

I took my daughter to the end of the world
And showed her the carnage and death

We walked through the ruins of Syria and Iraq
And we saw things no humans should see

There were children in blood and mothers in tears
And fathers alone in the streets

Bombs were falling not far away
While the rubble and chaos were near

There were screams of pain
There were screams of fear

And my daughter said, Daddy,
Why is this happening here?

And back in the States where the power resides
People don’t think of the end of the world

We’re taking vacations on beautiful beaches
And buying new cars and sleeping in peace

Our homes are intact and there’s plenty of food
There are concerts to attend and ballgames to watch

Our politicians grow old in their greed and indifference
While the Church sings its empty hallelujahs

The people with influence who could make something happen
Do nothing to stop all the horrors of war

Out there in the dark at the end of the world
My daughter and I wept but what good did it do

© 2016 Timothy Moody

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