Wednesday, August 17, 2016

War--a Human Decaying Element

“War has no longer the justification that it makes for the survival of the fittest; it involves the survival of the less fit. The idea that the struggle between nations is a part of the evolutionary law of man's advance involves a profound misreading of the biological analogy. The warlike nations do not inherit the earth; they represent the decaying human element.” ~ Norman Angell, British Economist/Author

We need a progressive president and leaders in this country who will refuse to fund giant billionaire munitions and drone companies and a bloated war machine and work for real peace between nations and people. We have become far too accepting of the slaughter of innocents all over the world, all in the name of national security. The refugee crisis in Syria, Iraq, and other countries is a shameful obscenity. These people, mostly families, are fleeing for their lives. They have lost everything. When will we have leaders who actually believe in protecting humanity, not destroying it for profit? When will all of us finally realize that war is “a decaying human element”? ~ TM

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