Saturday, October 22, 2016

Green Light for Hillary, Traffic Jam for Us

There is no question that Donald Trump is outmatched by Hillary Clinton. And why not? She’s been at this her entire adult life. She knows every political trick in the book and she masterfully applies them against him. He blunders along, in his street fighting mode, and he ends up being crude and bullying. Just what Hillary wants. She baits him and eggs him on and when he unloads his amateurish remarks she retaliates with polished, clever, adroit come backs. She has teams of writers and advisers, and of course Bill, who love this whole thing. They salivate over this stuff. It’s a game, a fun, exhilarating game to them. It’s a challenge for them to see just how ingenious they can be in turning Trump into a complete fool.

And so far, it has worked perfectly. He of course plays along, having apparently no idea just how stupid they make him look, and how stupid he actually may be. He has no self-awareness. No understanding of what is actually going on. No game plan. No insight. No bigger picture. No way to compete with Hillary’s massive, well oiled, endlessly churning machine of political offense.

The wiki leaked emails of her main man, John Podesta, clearly show this is what her team dreamed of, plotted, and prayed would happen. They wanted Trump to be the Republican candidate because they knew just how to work him. And work him they have done. Instead of figuring out this is what is going on, Trump just keeps playing into their hands. He ignores all advice. He pushes away all advisers, competent people like Kellyanne Conway, who know what they are doing, who understand the politics of all of this, and yet who are dismissed outright. He has to run the show his way, his real estate, Trump empire way. Which has proven to be woefully inadequate, out matched, and just plain inferior.

Clinton of course has the media on her side. Trump is right about that. His lame claim though that the election is rigged is wrong in the sense that there is and will be some flagrant voting fraud at the voting booths. It's a mistake to blame voters; they are not the problem. If he was smart he would keep the blame on the media, on Clinton’s inner circle, on Bill, and the DNC, and on political pundits who are carrying water for her day after day after day. I’ve watched all of the news shows. They simply cannot help themselves. Over and over again they trash Trump, vilify and mock him on every broadcast, in every column, every news feed, every social media platform, while they softly mention Hillary’s deleted emails, all of the lost or destroyed devices the FBI could not retrieve from her, the carefully disguised lies she does actually tell, the corrupt practices her entire career in using her political influence for her and Bill's personal fortunes, her undisputed indebtedness to Wall Street, her offensive sense of entitlement, her refusal to follow protocol, and her skillful use of victimhood. None of this is ever given any serious news coverage.

Trump’s failures are out in the open for everyone to see. He displays them daily. But why people refuse to see Hillary’s failures, her dishonesty, her arrogant snobbish elitism, her manipulation of the media, her disingenuous play for minorities, and her and Bill’s plan to be a political dynasty, is beyond me. Trump is her perfect opponent. Clumsy. Buffoonish. Juvenile. Bratty. Swaggering. Inept. Awkward. All the things she belittles, and caricatures, and wily feigns offense at, and then cleverly turns into political hay.

Women swoon over her, ignoring every red flag she displays and then resent anyone who dares to point to those red flags. The rich coddle and embrace and praise her, with sheepish grins and delicious thoughts of rewards piling up in their favor. Minorities sing her glory in hymns of reverence seemingly unaware of just how mixed, even oppositional, and often useless her political record has proven for them. Democratic operatives lift her to heights of illustriousness hoping she will give them a place in her kingdom of power. It is all a game, folks. A very cynical, sinister, brilliantly played game by her and her husband. Do not be fooled. This election is not about democracy or change or what is good for the nation. It is about a ruling elite determined to keep things moving their way. So far, it’s a green light straight ahead for Hillary and for them. While the rest of the nation remains stuck in the jammed traffic of economic and political mediocrity and stagnation.

Copyright © 2016 Timothy Moody

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