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The Possible Sad Decline of Our Nation

My friend Jennifer Ables reminded me the other day that not all Republicans are bad. And she is right. And the frustrations and anger I express on here toward Republicans and the Tea Party is not directed at my friends like Jennifer. Not at all. Although, as I said to her, I don’t really understand how some of my friends can vote for and support Republicans since the party seems totally controlled now by Tea Party extremists.  People like Ted Cruz who cynically uses and manipulates voters in order to elevate himself. What has he done for America? I can't think of anything positive. He and his small but noisy crowd of followers in Congress seemingly have no interest in serving our country or helping make it better for all of our citizens. They appear to only care about playing the game, beating their opponents, making lots of money, and doing everything they can to smear President Obama and keep him from leading the country.

Now, after weeks of holding the nation in limbo, hurting millions of employees, small businesses, shop keepers, people on disability, Head Start children, and others; after costing the economy $24 billion in lost revenue; and after creating more hatred and division in the country, Ted Cruz said yesterday he won. He won! He got 2 million people to sign a petition to repeal ObamaCare. That was his proof. He shutdown the government. That was his trophy. So he got 2 million measly votes out of a country of 267 million eligible voters, according to the National Census Bureau, and he calls that his victory. He also got nearly $2 million in campaign funds. Votes and money and power is all this man wants. If people can’t see that by now then they choose to be blind to the truth.

Senator Cruz, and minority leader in the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell, both said yesterday the fight is not over. They intend to continue to fight to repeal ObamaCare. Seriously? Seriously? I mean, that is just stunning. You may disagree with this, but I don’t see how, but I will say it anyway: behind this insane fight to get rid of the constitutionally sanctioned law that is the Affordable Care Act, is a sneering, depraved, psychologically sick hatred for this president. And I believe that hatred is fueled by seething racism. Cruz and McConnell might not be racists. You as a Republican might not be racist. But I am convinced the people Cruz and McConnell are afraid of, the voters who they and the Tea Party now represent, are racist. They refuse to legitimize an African American president. They have never accepted the defeat by the Union in the Civil War. They remain bitter, angry people, afraid of change. They are terrified by an expanding nation of rights—Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Equal Rights. They may be hard working people. They may go to church every Sunday. They may say they love Jesus Christ. But in their hearts they refuse to accept people of color, especially blacks. And this president scares them not because of his policies. ObamaCare is just an excuse to sling hate and venom at a man they despise simply because he is African American. And people like Ted Cruz see this, they understand it, they don’t necessarily agree with it because they’re too smart to be that bigoted. But they flame the fires of hate in people against the president by telling them how dangerous he is, how he wants to destroy America, how he is a socialist and a Muslim, and the rest of that nonsense that stirs up these racist people afraid of blacks and change and progress.

Why keep fighting this battle over ObamaCare? Why? Why refuse to accept our president? Why be willing to sacrifice the unity and goodwill and strength of the country in order to obstruct the law, divide the nation, damage the economy, harm our influence in the world, and hamstring the processes of government? What is motivating that kind of inexcusable recklessness? What? There is something behind it. Open racism. Galloping fear. Entrenched ignorance. Poisonous hate. And vicious unconscionable greed.

If we do not get a grip on this and begin to get back to a healthy, cooperative, respectful approach to government; if we don’t start electing responsible, emotionally stable people, people actually qualified to govern, people who genuinely want to serve  and help the nation advance, then America will without question decline, fall into ruin, and become a disjointed, angry, violent conglomerate of people consumed by their fears and lost in their hate. And the rest of the world will move on having seen what happened to us and decide to not let it happen to them.

© 2013 Timothy Moody

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